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Welcome to our free downloads page! This is where we provide technology help in waste disposal.

The Waster has been busy writing ebooks about practical waste management. He thought he would start at the beginning, which for a landfill is the selection of a site.

1. An Introduction to Landfill Site Selection

The Site Selection eBook is FREE!

The Landfill Site Selection eBook is FREE!


These days selection of a landfill is a difficult task, and there are a whole host of factors to consider before you can say with any confidence that you have really selected a location which will meet all the necessary criteria. How do you set about the landfill site selection process, and what are the “necessary criteria”?

An Introduction to Landfill Site Selection

  • – Hydrology and Hydrogeology
    – Topography and Soils
    – Adjacent Land Use
    – Climate
    – Flora and Fauna
    – Site Capacity Considerations
    – Vehicle Access
    – Other Subsidiary Issues
    – Cost Factors
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The way we have approached the subject is very general, so this book should be suitable for those starting out to select a landfill, or students wishing to research this subject from all around the world, such is the universality of landfill these days.

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2. How to Tip a Landfill

From recent discussions with an engineer who is about to design his very first landfill, a new landfill in the tropical forest for his burgeoning town’s population, but has no experience of a landfill at all, because none-exist in his state at all yet, made the Waster realize one fact.

How to Tip a Landfill FREE eBook

How to Tip a Landfill FREE eBook

That fact is that there there is very little basic information available both on the internet, or even published in books currently in print, on the very practical aspects of how you build a landfill day by day, and operate a landfill in what I call a “good neighbourly” manner.That is why I wrote the ebook below, which includes early guidance on landfill operation which despite its age, still stands up well to the test of time. These are simple actions that site operators apply (and more!) throughout developed nations, but which also need to be consistently adopted by developing communities, and by so doing will substantially reduce the negative impacts of landfills.

Put the guidance in this ebook together with the other ebooks on this page and the information which is offered here by the way of technology help in waste disposal should be very valuable.

How to Tip a Landfill or the Method of Tipping Waste in a Landfill

  • – Recommended Code of Practice
    – General Notes on Good Practise in Landfill Management
    – Landfill Phasing and Cellular Progression
    – Conclusion
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