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Flare Stack Suppliers – Flares for Methane Emission Reduction

In this article, we provide a roundup of flare stack suppliers, the stacks they produce and developments in the flare stack market, with an emphasis on the landfill gas, and biogas flare stack market. These are mostly enclosed flares for methane emission reduction and use during Energy from Waste plant downtime. On This Page Flare […]

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Food Waste Depackaging Systems for Sustainability and Microplastic Reduction

Food Waste Depackaging systems are increasingly being designed for sustainability and microplastic reduction which many would say is vital for the survival of our planet. Many people are interested in the rapidly growing anaerobic digestion sector, which uses mechanical equipment called depackagers or separators, to produce contaminant-free food waste slurries that may be piped into […]

Belvidere Incinerator at night

Energy From Waste by Incineration: Why a Modern Incinerator is Not a Health Risk

Making Energy from Waste by incineration should not still be accused of being a significant threat to the health of nearby residents. We wish to explain why a modern incinerator is not a health risk. Concerns about pollution and particularly the discharge of trace amounts of dangerous substances into the area around an incinerator are […]


Recycling Facts: The BIG List!

Waste Incineration Plants (also known as WtE facilities) should not be installed as a replacement for material recycling. WtE is designed to complement recycling programs because not all waste is feasible to recycle. Incineration is an engineering process that uses thermal decomposition in a highly oxidative environment to decompose organic molecules into simple compounds, predominantly […]

Integrated Waste Management

This is the final solution ( if good competitive markets become established in these materials ), to the issue of handling MSW in an economical and sustainably reasonable way. From this realization, has recently, appeared the idea of Integrated Waste Management ( IWM ). IWM is the integration of different waste treatment strategies to reach […]

Waste Management Regulations and Waste Diversion from UK Landfills

The most significant challenge facing the management of Municipal Solid Waste is how to divert the biodegradable component of MSW (known as BMW)away from landfills. Measures have been set in place in the Waste Management Regulations (see below) to reduce the amount of this biodegradable material allowed to be sent for disposal in landfills. What […]

Waste Management Inc

Waste Management operates the largest network of landfills in its industry, with a reported 283 active sites managing the disposal of more than 125 million tons of waste per year. In addition, Waste Management manages 185 company-owned closed sites while in their respective post-closure or operations and maintenance phase. The company is worth soemthing like […]

Waste Management Jobs

Waste management jobs are not only about commercial and residential garbage collection and disposal, they cover an ever-widening scope of disciplines and skills. This article tells you more about the various jobs in the waste management industry. Many people have a common misconception that waste management jobs only include garbage collection and nothing else. However, […]

Waste Management Services – Treatment and Disposal

Written by: Caron J Rose Waste management services exist to assist certain companies with their problem of industrial waste. Some industries generate more waste than others and those that generate a lot in the course of their business usually find it more cost effective to have someone else deal with it on a contractual basis. This […]

Waste Management Disposal and Treatment

Written by: Caron J Rose There are many stringent regulations governing the treatment and disposal of waste in the UK, both onshore and offshore, and in most other countries as well. Facilities involved in waste transfer and treatment require a licence, and all personnel who work at such facilities require the proper kind of training […]